8/16 Fasting

Of all the fasting techniques the easiest is eight / sixteen. Eight hours is the window to which you can eat. Sixteen hours is the fasting part which is sixteen hours before your next meal. It is very easy, all you have to do is decide which eating schedule you want to start. Just look… Continue reading 8/16 Fasting

Take It Slow

The weight industry is the most saturated in the world. People try so many different weight loss programs and fail. Not because they didn’t work. But because of the lack of determination, the person did not stick to the program. Yet the industry is not going to say it is your fault. They will just… Continue reading Take It Slow

Coffee Drinkers

How many like to have a drink of coffee early in the morning before starting your day? I know I do, it helps me start my day. but did you know drinking coffee can dehydrate your body from nutrients your body needs? I have always believed that coffee gives you a boost in the morning… Continue reading Coffee Drinkers