Sexual Harassment at Work

Sexual Harassment is last thing that you, as a manager or company owner, wants.   Claims being made against employees are costly.  Not to mention, they also look bad for your company.  Secondly, an environment where there is tension between men and women reduces productivity dramatically. 

Sexual harassment and perceived sexual harassment are a major problem.  Equally, the issue of fear of being wrongfully accused is also an issue.  These are all legitimate concerns that you need to address.  Does this seem like a daunting task to you?

You will be happy to hear that the solutions are actually available.  Let me share some simple techniques that you can put into practice.  You can easily implement them to bring about harmony in your company environment.

I will show you a process that you can use to create a hospitable environment.  A place where all employees will feel comfortable.  When you create a stress free work-place, workers are happier.  Happier workers without sexual tension are much more productive.

sexual harassment

Sexual Harassment at Work is no Joke

The Importance of Rules and Disciplinary Procedures about Sexual Harassment

The first point I will make is that it’s important of course to stick with your rules and disciplinary procedures.  The tiny minority who will refuse to respect other people will play havoc your company.  There must be a strong arm behind the preventative strategy that I will be sharing.

You must remember that in order for rules to be resepceted, they must be seen to be fair and legitimate.  You must show that the ruels are there for the happiness and comfort of your employees.  That the rules works and benefit people.

While some sexual harassment is clear, there certainly are also grey areas.  For example, if an employee feels upset about being told her dress is nice.  This is a result of tension that builds up because of a negative workplace environment.  Invariably, women will interpret comments negatively when they are in an environment where they don’t feel respected.

It is easy for this feeling to grow in a work place.  However, you can easily change this feeling to bring the environment into harmony.

How to Prevent Sexual Harrassment Complaints

The woman who made the complaint may genuinely feel objectified by the comment.  On the other hand, the person who complimented her outfit may feel he is innocently accused.  Both feelings are valid.  As an ethical employer, your job is to make sure that you find a way to reconcile these two.  You do not want one of them to leave after all the effort you have made to train them.

You do not want to end up with a working environment where there is a lot of distrust.  Mistrust and suspicion of misogyny grows fast.  I want to show you three simple steps that you can take to make sure that this does not happen.  I will demonstrate how to create a harmonious work environment where people trust each other.

Being Honest about our cultural dynamics that cause Sexual Harassment

It is important, first of all, that we are honest about the dynamic here.  We live in a culture where sexist and racist viewpoints are deeply ingrained. The absolute majority of men are decent people, and yet most of them are capable of behaving in ways that will make women feel demeaned.

An obvioius exapmle is that men are much more likely to argue with a woman’s opinion, interrupt her or ignore her.  I have noticed this time and again, and the men tend not to notice what they are doing.  However, the woman will feel it.  My younger sister left a job because of this.

The last thing you want is to start haemorrhaging employees who don’t explain why they are leaving.  You don’t want your employees incentive to work well to be affected because they are upset.

This is what you can do to Create a Healthy and Harmonious Work Environment

It is Essential that you Cultivate a Culture of Clear Communication

Innuendo and inference is the enemy of a comfortable environment.  This kind of speech causes confusion and paranoia.  It also encourages sarcasm which is detrimantal.  Actually, it is often a subconscious habit that people are not aware of.

Frequent use of innuendo and inference makes people read into everything that they hear.  This is why people feel uncomfortable about compliments.

Employees must learn to use clear language.

You Need to Train Employees about Healthy Boundaries

You need to create an environment of awareness around personal space and boundaries.  One of the biggest complaints that I hear women make about men is that that men do not respect them. Actually, the main problem is that women often do not feel treated as equal to men.

In fact, I have noticed this myself many times.  Actually, men often feel the need to argue with women just for the sake of it.  Of course, this is deeply programmed behaviour that is the end result of a society that has treated women as second class citizens for generations.

Employees Need to Learn To Speak each others Language

You must create a working environment where employees listen to and respect the opinions of others.  This means that you must facilitate them to understand the language of communication of others.  To tell the truth, men and women will often say the same thing differently, and it’s important that they learn to understand what the other means.

I hope that you have found these tips useful.  Indeed, my hope is that you can implement them to start to create a positive working environment.  It is you that holds the power to make your employees live’s a pleasure to live.  It is infact you who will reap the benefits in terms of increased productivity and revenue.

Of course, I understand that this isn’t easy.  We are at a turning point of society; this is a difficult time.   People generally  want to get on, it’s just that we are different.  You need to give them the tools.

There is a solution.  In fact, you hold the Key.






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