How to Become Immortal: Eight Simple Steps that you can Take to Extend your Life-Span while increasing your vitality, creativity and productivity.

Immortality may be the stuff of legends, yet scientists are now coming to understand that there may be more to it than originally was believed.  The old adage is that due to genetics, we age, deteriorate and suffer until we slowly die a painful death in the hands of medical professionals.

You Have So Much Control Over Your Health

It’s now beginning to be understood that we aren’t quite that helpless.  That we have way more control over our health than we once gave ourselves credit for, and we are not the victims of genetics.  Stories of people still alive and active way past the average lifespan are proof positive that we certainly can live much longer, happier and healthier lives than current custom dictates.

The Torah and Bible contains stories of people living hundreds of years, as do must cultures around the world.  Taoism in particular is obsessed with longevity, and followers practice complex exercises to keep themselves healthy.  These exercises involve using energy, in other words tapping into the quantum field and using it to extend lifespan.

In Asia it’s not unusual to be over 100 years and still healthy.  In fact, in Japan where anyone who reaches 120 years old get’s a gold plate from the President, the plates had to be downsized because so many were being given away.  In Asia, the practice of Taoist exercises like Chi Kung and Tai Chi are extremely common, and this is probably a major reason for the longevity that’s common there.

How to Become Immortal in Eight Simple Steps

You may not be a Tai Chi master, but there are simple ways you can bring these exercises into your life to increase your own health and vitality:

  1. Breathe.  It may sound simple, but most people don’t breathe properly, by which I mean breathing into the belly with the thoracic diaphragm.  Practice lying on your back and belly breathing 10-20 minutes per day.
  2. Get in a healthy relationship with your emotions.  Don’t repress them and don’t get carried away with them either.  Rather come to accept them, experience them and then release.
  3. Avoid toxins.  Eat organic and natural foods, especially plenty of fruit and vegetables.  Also, breathe fresh air where possible.
  4. Do relaxing exercises.  Many people will over stress their bodies through unhelpful exercises like body building.  It’s essential to relax and keep all the joints and tendons moving.  Long walks with swinging arms is ideal, as is wriggling and shaking the body regularly.
  5. Be in your body.  Being embodied, which means bringing your attention into your body and living in your body (not your head) is key.  Listen to what your body is saying, rather than reaching for medications.  Symptoms are signs of your body asking you to change so that it can be healthier.  You ignore them at your peril.
  6. Massage your Breasts or Testicles.  Sexual organs contain a lot of energy in the form of hormones.  Through gentle daily massage you not only release these unused hormones which can stagnate and turn into cancer, you actually turn them into energy which then is redirected to your endocrine system to keep your glands youthful.
  7. Feel the love.  Feeling love and connection keeps the thymus gland young and healthy.  Deterioration of the thymus is a key factor in ageing.  Feeling lots of love and smiling to your heart to grow self love is important.
  8. Avoid excessive ejaculation and clitoral orgasms.  Ejaculation and clitoral orgasms (the kind you only have one of and feel going down your legs) is draining on your life force energy.  The energy can be transmuted to heal our cells when we start having full body orgasms instead.

Immortality is a practice the ancient Taoists would devote a lifetime to.  You too can achieve increased vitality, energy levels and lifespan by making these steps a part of your life.

Suffering through ill health is not inevitable.  By taking control of your body and your energy, you can live past your life expectancy, enjoying life to the full in a state of health and happiness.




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