Nine Simple Steps to increase your energy levels and restore your youthful vigour and vitality.

Energy is everywhere.  On the one hand, it seems so illusive; practically fictional.  On the other hand, when it’s in deficit, it’s hardly possible to deny the effects.

Understanding Energy

In school we are taught that e=mc2, but what does this mean?  The statement is saying that energy and mass are the same thing, and one can be converted to the other.  Let’s look at fat cells.  We run, they transform into energy.  Or we sit on the sofa and our energy turns into fat.

Albert Einstein, who famously coined the phrase, was famous for his research into atoms, and for explaining to us what the quantum field is.  The quantum field may sound like a mysterious concept, yet all he’s actually referring to is the space between the atomic particles.

In other words, the quantum space is the part of reality that isn’t atomic particles, which is much more space than the atomic particles are.  This space is essentially full of energy and this is why e=mc2; because it’s the mass that is holding the energy.  In other words, it’s the mysterious part of life that can’t quite be explained by conventional science.

Understanding Energy with Quantum Science

We are all familiar with the science of mass, the biology, physics and chemistry that we refer to as science; the science of the modern western world.  While this science may work well for building bridges or production factories, when it comes to something more complex like the human body, it’s easy to see this science failing.

After all, if medical science is so scientific, despite it’s enormous successes, why does is fail in so many illnesses?  Why does something so seemingly bizarre like acupuncture improve the health of millions on a daily basis?

Learn to Increase You Energy

By learning to understand about the energy in your body and around you, you can start to implement simple steps to make sure that you have the energy that you need to stay feeling fantastic and able to do what you need to do.


Energy moves best in a relaxed body.  Simple mindfulness exercises like Nidra Yoga can help us to become aware of our bodies and to let go of tensions that are blocking our energy.

Breathe properly.

Allow your thoracic diaphragm to move the lungs up and down, relaxing your body further.  Practice this daily too.

Eat living food.

Be wary of anything that is processed or even wrapped in plastic.  Think about how old it is; if preservatives are used for example, the nutrient content is limited.  Fresh food from the farmers market is ideal.

Exercise your whole body together.

Exercises like weights training in the gym can actually have a detrimental effect on your health because they cause tension and can over develop certain muscles.  Walking with your arms swinging or similar exercises that involve the whole body such as yoga and pilates are ideal.


Taking time to relax and come into your body is essential.  Meditation is about taking control of your mind and your energy.

Love yourself.

A body that feels love will want to serve it’s owner in the best possible way.  Make sure to give yourself those things that you really need in order to flourish, be it “me time”, healthy treats, or a change in scenery.

Be positive.

You may have grown up with negativity as your incentive, but this will stress our body and mind rather than allowing us to flourish.  It’s important to find meaning and enjoyment in what we do, rather than running away from consequences that we fear.

Come to peace with your Emotions.

Feeling things is a part of life, and it’s OK.  We are all emotionally maladapted in some way or other, but learning to sit with negative emotions and be OK with them before releasing them is an important part of life.  By repressing them or getting taken over by them, we lose a lot of energy.


When our bodies are saturated with substances that don’t belong there, we feel exhausted.  Drink plenty of water, keep relaxed and moving, and try fasting and detox supplements and herbs to clean out and get back to feeling fresh.

Make Friends with Your Body

Your body is your friend.  When it’s acting up it’s trying to tell you something.  Although feeling tired is frustrating, it’s a sign for us to take action.  Whether it’s telling you to move or to rest, by learning to listen we can keep our vitality.

While the physical steps I mention here are important, don’t underestimate the importance of emotional well-being too.  Repressing our emotions blocks up the whole body, and depression is literally our energy stagnating.

Spending time with loved ones and new experiences as well as enjoying life is essential to keeping energised.  After all, if we aren’t having fun, what is there to live for?



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