Learn to understand your emotions, reading the messages they are sending you rather than feeling overwhelmed.  When you understand the logic of emotions so they become the ultimate tool for you to master your reality.

In a World characterised by Greek logic, reason and rationale, emotions can seem like a realm of confusion and hazard.  Indeed, we live in a society that deals with the part of reality that’s beyond the physical with avoidance.  It’s inevitable that the aspects that in the past were considered magic become a threat.

Emotions can’t be seen on an X-Ray or scan, and yet we can’t deny their existence.  We can seek to repress them and deny their message and importance to us.  However, in doing so we are separating ourselves from a beautiful part of the human experience.

Emotions are Part of the Human Experience

Indeed, to be human is to feel.  It’s to have joy and sadness, ecstacy and pain.  Learning to navigate the often unpredictable world of feelings is an art that gives us a guide to navigating life’s challenges.

You see, emotions do have logic.  It just isn’t the logic of 1 plus 1 equals 2.  At least it isn’t always.  In fact, it’s a bit more like allgebra on LSD, but this is a part of our reality and learning to use it wisely is about equipping ourselves with a powerful tool.

We often look at emotions in two categories, the positive and the negative.  However, thinking this is good and bad emotions is a big mistake.  The two types of emotions are grounded in two different energies.  The role of the positive emotions is to tell us that we are doing well.  The role of the negative emotions is to guide us.

Understand that Emotions are Messengers

When we start to understand emotions as messengers, and to take their cues, whether these emotions are positive of negative, they become our allies.  We become their masters instead of their slaves.  In fact, if we put our emotions to their correct usage, in many ways negative emotions are more important than positive.  Certainly these are the emotions that allow us to progress and excel.

Let’s have a look at the process of messages from negative emotions.  I like to think of them as a neighbour knocking on the door, telling us our roof is on fire.  No one in their right mind would tell the neighbour to go away because their message is negative, rather we would thank them and take action to save ourselves and our home.

When we start to understand the messages that are in our emotions, we have a tool to catalyse our development.  Let’s take fear.  By fear, I mean the raw feeling that we are about to come to physical harm, not social anxiety or worry.  It’s obvious that fear warns us of dangers, to keep ourselves safe.

Dealing with Negative Emotions

understand your emotions

learn to understand your emotions

Of course many people experience excessive fear, and this is exactly because we don’t have a good relationship with our fear.  Fear needs to be tested, her boundaries pushed.  Yes, we need fear to be alive.  This is why extreme sports enthusiasts push themselves to the limits of fear, to truly test the extents of the human potential.  If we are so afraid of everything that we avoid living life, then our development is thwarted.

Anger, that often maligned feeling, is the scapegoat of the emotions.  Conventional advice is to control our anger, and yet when we learn to see anger as a blessing, we tap into our personal power and creativity.  Anger is a spectrum that goes from a uncontrolled rage, to frustration, to assertion.  The rage end is destructive and generally counterproductive, but flying into a rage is the last stage of a long process.

Finding the Gift and Power in Negative Emotions

Anger is literally there to enable us to become ourselves.  It’s a warning when we fail to hold our own healthy boundaries; it teaches us to be sovereign.  If we haven’t developed boundaries as children, in adult life we will constantly allow and even invite others to metaphysically step on us.  Eventually we will fly into a rage at the injustice, but this just perpetuates a cycle of helplessness.

The gift of anger can never be obtained while we seek to repress it.  This just causes the rage to grow and it’s why people end up with “anger issues”.  It’s only by embracing deep within us that sensation, by truly holding onto it’s destructive power, that we can find the calmness and confidence to speak our truth with calm power and stop that which is not in alignment with us from happening.

How to Understand your Emotions and Transform Them

This goes against logic but it’s not a logical process, it’s a process that involves the quantum field of the body.  As we embrace what seems most odious, it transforms into our power.  Venting anger will only drain us.  It’s by coming into a relationship with it that we find our power and integrity.  In the same way that we hug a crying child to calm them, our rage is calmed when we acknowledge it’s validity.

Positive emotions are easy to love.  It feels great to be told we are doing the right thing, and when we feel happy, peaceful and so on, that’s the message we are getting from the quantum field.  Yet regard these emotions with caution too.  When we hold onto them we can prevent our progress.  Laughter of course transforms, but beware of creating a false persona that takes over from your experience.

Everyone hurts; we all feel pain.  Finding ways to share our pain can be the glue in a relationship.  That’s because it brings us together as humans exactly because we are all human.



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