Why do you need your ego?  Much maligned, your ego is in fact an important part of your personality function.  By learning the purpose of your ego you can learn to use him rather than being his victim.

Who is he?

That much maligned persona we love to hate.

“The Ego”

“He’s got an Ego” she said, as if it were a cause for denigration.

How the Ego became Demonised

Thus the Ego became synonymous in popular culture with with arrogance and rudeness.  Yet how far from the truth could this so often be.

“The Ego” is I, it’s the part of myself that consciously reasons and deliberates with my unconscious and the world around me.  “I love you” Is the response of my ego to the feelings of comfort that another invokes in me.

So why has this term become so scorned?

“Ego” is I, but who am I?

Am I the one who smiles or the one who cries?  The one who everyone loves for being the joker or the one hurting underneath?  Which “I” am “I” anyways?

you need your ego

Why You need your Ego to Take Care of You

Why you Need your Ego

I believe this is where the problem lies.

Is there something really wrong with you and I?  Is I, me, not worthy?

Why has society demonised the individual in a culture that is for the individual.

Now the questions arises.  Do I love myself?  Do you?  Should I?  Should you?  The deeper question then is, am I worthy, are you worthy, are we worthy?

To love oneself is to have a deep sense of self worth, a calmness in who I am.  It’s a feeling of contentment that allows the electromagnetic field of our hearts to open; for our soul to be free.

It’s a feeling that we can share, that allows us to give love to others, to share an abundance of energy that is infinite.

Because Love is Infinite, You can Love Yourself A Lot!

Since when did love become finite, limited; where did the idea that the more one loves oneself, the less one has to give come from?  Were the rules of love, of self esteem, written by people with no concept of what love actually is?

Wanting to give is indeed a noble cause.  Wanting to share is beautiful.  Yet what if I want to give love, yet I have no self-love?  What will I be giving then?

The truth is that we cannot give what we do not have.  We cannot share what we don’t own.

So why are we told to despise our ego and that loving ourselves is a terrrible thing?

You are the Centre of Your Universe.  Be Proud!

You cannot deny that you are the centre of your world, and I cannot deny that I am the centre of mine.  Let’s not pretend I really know what it’s like to be you, or that you can experience my experiences.

What I can do is look at the way that I felt about a similar experience and try to see how this relates to you. In this way, I can feel your pain, I can feel your pride, I can feel your hopes and dreams.

Yet without my own awareness of my self worth, the validity of my joy and pain, how can I validate yours?

The Ego is the conscious awareness that allows us to look beyond our basic instincts.  It’s our conscious reasoning.  The ego can choose to be kind when your instincts tell you to be aggressive.  The ego can choose to show arrogance to hide our hurt.

Balancing your Ego with Your Authentic Self

The Ego is a function of our personality, but it’s not really who you or I am.  It’s not the authentic genuine me that may cry and feel sad, a much as it may be happy.  It’s that part of me that shows a brave face to the world, or acts tough, to allow the real me to survive.

The real me, there we go.  Who is this most delicate creature that my Ego is trying to defend?  By acting happy or acting tough, my Ego seeks to absorb the painful stings of life and keep me safe from hurt.

My Ego simply is my best friend.  My protector.  So why did he become the enemy?

You need your Ego but make Sure that You are Stronger than Him!

Simply put, an unchecked Ego will take over an insecure person and become their personality.  Whether it’s a people pleasing Ego or an arrogant Ego, it simply isn’t true, it isn’t you.

While we all may like to hide at times, but we all like to be free.  We all want politeness, yet we also want to know each other.  While society tells us we must behave accordingly, we want to feel the rawness of the human experience and to share it.

That’s why it’s important for us to have enough of a knowledge and command of Ego to ask him at times to step aside and allow me to be me and you to be you.





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